Newcastle Family History Society Inc.

People of Newcastle and the Hunter Valley – Volume III


Format: B&W BOOK or Colour BOOK or USB

A collection of 50 stories of individuals buried in Sandgate Cemetery.


This publication arose from the Newcastle Family History Society’s successful Sandgate Cemetery tours which began in 2016 revealing tales of service, both military and civil, religious belief and success over hardship. Stories cover those from the ranks of the great and grand to the quieter-living folk who nonetheless left their mark on our region.
The editors of this work came to the realisation that stories from the Sandgate tours were too important to lose. It was decided to seek stories not only about those at Sandgate, but also those whose last resting place was in the wider region of the Hunter Valley. It would not have been possible to complete this project without the co-operation, and assistance of many people including members of the NFHS Inc., and the general public who contributed their stories to these volumes.
Volume III contains 50 stories covering a wide range of individuals. Included are military heroes, early pioneers and business people. Within the covers you will read about:
• an enterprising convict woman whose name remains well known in the Hunter Valley
• a Church of England bishop who laid the foundations for the church in northern NSW
• two sisters who left their home and its contents to the National Trust
• a designer and carpenter whose photographic record of his creations has left an amazing legacy in the Hunter Valley
• and a number of pioneering farming families of the Hunter Valley who have left their mark long after they have gone.
Each of the stories is of someone important, some important only to their families while others important to many. We hope you enjoy reading them all.