Newcastle Family History Society Inc.

Maitland Gaol Visit

Friday 5 August 2022—10.00am

Friday 5 August will see us meeting at 10.00am to visit Maitland Gaol.
You will need to book your ticket online and as it is a self-guided tour, you will need to download the tour onto your smart phone or tablet through the app and bring your own earphones, headphones, etc.
The ticket costs $19 for an adult or $13 for a concession. Children’s tickets are also available.
If we escape the Gaol, we will have lunch at the Hunter River Hotel. Can you let me know if you are interested in lunch and I’ll book a table or two, or three. If memory serves me right, there is a seniors or maybe a pensioner discount.
Contact Pat via [email protected] or by texting on 0427 577 598.