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About us:
The Newcastle Family History Society Inc., formed in  1983 is a friendly, busy group of people dedicated to family history, with interests in families from around the world.  Not all our members live in Newcastle, however. Many belong because their ancestors came from the Lower Hunter region of New South Wales, and they like to keep in touch with our activities and publications, through our Journal.

We encourage folk from interstate and overseas to become full members of our Society, and introduce Distance
Membership rates from this year. This new rate of $25.00 pa will apply to new members and existing members at renewal for 2018-19.

All funds are used to purchase additional Library holdings, run the Society and produce publications mainly relating to the Lower Hunter district and its people. We carry out extensive research on local records, and hold many unpublished indexes, for example NMH Indexes  and transcripts in addition to those listed under publications.

Next Meeting Tuesday 1 May starting 7.30 pm.

Annual General Meeting, no Guest Speaker.

Research Requests

The Society offers a research service as follows

(Payable in advance)
Initial Fee - $20 (maximum 1 hour)
Further research - $15 per hour by negotiation

ALL RESEARCH is undertaken by experienced volunteers and is processed in the order in which the enquiries are received.  Please allow at least 4 weeks for completion. If you require early confirmation that your request has been received, please include an email address or a stamped self-addressed envelope.

PLEASE state your request clearly and provide as much information as you can about the person/family to be researched. Where possible, include photocopies of certificates and outline the resources that you have already consulted.

POSTED SUBMISSIONS, including payment, will be processed. Emailed research enquiries will be returned to the sender for re-submission with payment. We will include our bank account details in this reply in case you wish to pay by DIRECT CREDIT. Should you make use of this facility, emailed advice to of its authorised transfer is essential.

ALL ENQUIRIES will be published in the next available quarterly journal of the Society which is circulated to financial members, as well as other Family History Societies with reciprocal exchange agreements.

Mailed replies containing your cheque or money order in Australian dollars should be forwarded to -
The Secretary

PO Box 233


Disclaimer – Our research is contingent upon information supplied by the applicant. No responsibility for the accuracy of results, based upon this source, can be accepted by Newcastle Family History Society Inc.

For each Member there is a one off 10% discount on one (1) copy of a Society Publication (Book or CD)
A clearance sale of some publications is Now on, while stocks last.
Our list of current publications follows.
For a fuller description of some see
NFHS Publications
The CD-ROM editions have been recorded locally on best quality disks which use a colour change for the recording process. This medium is not as robust as stamped, commercial disks. We anticipate that our disks should give long service provided they are protected from dust, finger prints, sunlight and/or high temperatures. All CD editions require a computer on which Adobe® Reader® is installed. Versions of Adobe Reader suitable for your Windows or Apple computers can be downloaded from: or from
The prices listed below are subject to change without notice.
Membership fees for the 2018- 2019 Membership year:

Primary Membership  $40 pa

NEW!  Distance Membership if you reside outside NSW $25.00 pa
Additional Family Member  $25 pa
Optional Quarterly Journal Postal Charge  $5 pa
Optional Monthly (except Jaunuary) Newsletter Postal Charge  $12 pa
Plus $10 joining fee for new members, and lapsed rejoining members, which includes a "new member pack".
All Family Members must reside at the same address.  Family Membership entitles each Household to one copy of each Journal and Newsletter.
A half-year membership will be issued to new people joining the Society in the second half of the year, that is, from 1st September, but does not apply to an existing member rejoining in the second half of the year.
For a single member this will cost $30.00. ( $20 + $10 joining fee) + $2.50 Journal postage if required. Additional family member $12.50

Forms to download:
New Membership 2018
Membership Renewal 2018
Member Interests

Membership renewals now fall due 1st March, and must be paid before the 31st May or the $10 joining fee will be incurred. Only financial members can vote at the Annual General  Meeting.

Benefits of membership include:
Use of our constantly expanding genealogical library
Have a look at our recent
Catalogue & Library Acquisitions, NMH indexes, cemetery holdings, and convict resources.
A question and answer session is a feature of each monthly meeting, where you will find members happy to help with research problems.
Interesting guest speakers on a range of family history subjects, providing new ideas and inspiration to members' research activities.
Quarterly Journal free to members.
Regular workshops for both beginners and advanced researchers.
An opportunity to contribute to worthwhile indexing projects and local family history records.

For each Primary Member there is a one off 10% discount on one (1) copy of a Society Publication (Book or CD)
Primary Members are entitled to one free research entry per year in the Journal.

Newcastle Family History Society Inc. has available both at the Library and available for download its Privacy Policy in regards to Members details.  Please be aware that no personal details will be divulged without written consent of the member.

NFHS Facebook Group
The NFHS Management Committee would like to invite all members to visit and join our newly launched Closed Facebook Group which may be accessed at

This group will have up to the minute posts, discussion, Events Calendar, articles and photographs relevant to our Society. You will also find links to many useful sites to keep you informed and help you with your family history work.

Our Journal is published quarterly. It includes items of special interest to members, and is issued free to members. 
Optional Journal Postal Charge $5 pa.

Research enquiries can be printed from non-members for $5.

Winners of the Nick Vine Hall Award

Category A for societies with less than 500 members
Winner -  Newcastle Family History Society Inc – Journal 209 March 2015

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On separate pages:   Catalogue & Library Acquisitions   NMH Indexes   NFHS Publications
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All prices are in Australian dollars.
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